DW, Paris Transatlantic, 1 juin 2005

Noise as a musical genre is no longer the bastard child of Industrial, and while many practitioners and aficionados still subscribe to its no-pain-no-gain aesthetic, there’s a whole basketful of young cats out there who just wanna have fun. Think Lasse Marhaug, Maja Ratkje – and morceaux_de_machines, the Québécois duo of A_dontigny and Érick D’Orion, aided and abetted here on four tracks by Diane Labrosse, Martin Tétreault and the ubiquitous Otomo Yoshihide (if a genie ever grants you three wishes you could really piss him off by using one of them to ask for the complete Otomo discography… the other two would be for a house big enough to store it and enough time to listen to it all). Adding a healthy dose of 150plus BPM drum’n’bass’n’gabba is a great idea – you’ll be surprised how likeable even the most vicious sonic knife attacks can be if there’s a mighty backbeat crunching along in the background (the wise old man of Noise, Masami Akita, knows this only too well), but there’s more to these nine tracks than merciless hardcore. Dontigny and D’Orion have a huge arsenal of sonic weaponry at their disposal, from mangled early Neubaten-style metal, vertiginous turntablism (not so much plunderphonics as chunderphonics), scything drones and all manner of digital clutter. The ultimate goal might still be to end up with ears full of blood, but with Estrapade you can dance yourself silly while the earwax melts. Let’s hope these chaps hook up with those Norwegians soon for some transatlantic aural tag wrestling.

… with Estrapade you can dance yourself silly while the earwax melts.