Eugenio Maggi, Chain DLK, 3 juin 2005

With the demanding reputation of “B-Boys of musique concrète”, A_Dontigny (prepared cds, turntable, effects) and Érick d’Orion (computer, live electronics, effects) have concocted an interesting, often exhilarating work, helped in the live tracks by precious guests like Diane Labrosse (sampler) and turntablists Otomo Yoshihide and Martin Tétreault. They make noise which is often brutal and rabid, but are wise enough to make it more varied than a continuous feedback squeal. Onanisme is autistic techno, Triple fermentation is drum’n’bass which needs a serious dose of Ritalin. Bits and pieces of other people’s music are thrown in and trashed with a mocking smile AND an ethic, after all. Listen to the 14-minute tour-de-force of Trépanation, where crazed beats pave the way for a jazzy delirium, like a Peter Brotzmann record via effect pedals. If anybody remembers the AMK / Hands To / PBK disc on RRR, this sounds like its digital update.

… an interesting, often exhilarating work…