Dan Warburton, The Wire, no 327, 1 mai 2011

Another elegant outing on Berlin’s schraum imprint. Subsurface pits Ostendorf’s trumpet and Lauzier’s bass clarinet and alto sax against the well-prepared piano of Philip Zoubek, skilfully juxtaposing lugubrious subterranean gurgles with bright, chattery (but never aggressive) exchanges. Lauzier’s bass clarinet is exquisite, notably in its high register on Spectral Radiance, and Ostendorf is no slouch when it comes to post-Axel Dörner huffery puffery, but he’s at his best playing the long note game against Zoubek’s E-bow and Lauzier’s silky sax. Calm City and Slow Collapse are simply gorgeous. As for Zoubek, everything he has released to date has been first class, and this is no exception.

Another elegant outing