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Accordion/Bandoneon Threefer: Emilio Solla, Adrian Iaies & Damian Nisenson

Marcia Hillman, All About Jazz, 28 juin 2009

The bandoneon and accordion have begun to show up lately in more jazz-oriented company. Even though they have a reedy sound, they are both basically keyboard instruments and can blend easily with a piano or readily substitute for one. (…)

Damian Nisenson’s Damian Nisenson Trio +3 en concert dispenses with the piano in its configuration and uses both bandoneon and accordion instead. Nisenson is heard on soprano, alto and tenor sax and is the featured player. Recorded in concert in Quebec, this session has all original material, sounding more like Klezmer than jazz. The accordion and bandoneon ably provide the ‘bottom’ for the sound of the group. The emphasis is on the rhythm and invites one to get up and dance; the final track Hora is appropriately titled. Despite instruments from different traditions, the musicians work well together to deliver a cohesive presentation. (…)

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