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Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, 17 octobre 2008

Les Poules (“The chickens" or “chicks"?) have been playing together for more than a decade, yet their history goes back even further to Justine and Wondeur Bras. All three of these women are impressive musicians, composers and leaders in their own right and I always look forward to whatever they present to the Victo and Guelph Festivals, as well as that great AM Fest at The Stone last year. This is only the third disc by Les Poules, but it was well worth the wait. This disc is broken into six parts, Rencontre, Creatures, Feu, Renaissance, Beauté and Immortalité. Joane Hétu’s soft yet bizarre vocal sounds permeate the first section with delicate but eerie samples and samples floating in the air. This music is stark and ultra-subtle yet filled with suspense and carefully crafted sounds. It is as if another language or communication is trying to break through the bonds that separate us at times with well-selected non-verbal sounds. This is less about making music than it is about creating textures, setting scenes and telling a story. Diane Labrosse uses her sampler to expose fragmented melodies, diverse static sounds and assorted electronic kernels to keep an ongoing dialogue or story present. Joane Hétu often sounds like a ghost or skeleton mouthing or whispering sounds without using words. Each of the 24 parts conveys a slightly different terrain to view or bathe in. One part reminded me of the Residents Eskimo album. Danielle Palardy Roger shows an impressive amount of restraint, rarely if ever playing any beats, yet her playing breathes life into the flow. With more 180 releases in their ever-increasing catalogue, the Ambiances Magnétiques treasures chest continues to grow, evolve and surprise us time and again.

This is only the third disc by Les Poules, but it was well worth the wait.

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