Dolf Mulder, Vital, no 628, 19 mai 2008

Scat contains four compositions of the Canadian composer and guitarist Tim Brady dating from the years 1998-2000. All pieces are performed by the Australian leading new music ensemble Topology or members of this ensemble and recorded in January 2006 in Brisbane. From the start it is clear that this was a fruitful collaboration. The cd opens with the three part suite Scat. The first and the third part of this piece are very dynamic and powerful. It is a true pleasure to hear this rhythm-driven piece performed by these excellent musicians. The chambermusic of Tim Brady has the power and directness of rock music. In effect it sounds very fresh for modern composed music. Lighting Field — Darkness/ Illuminations consists of two parts. The first part is a very dark piece of music where the instruments play against a background of electronic sampled sounds. The second part ‘Illumination’ is built upon minimalmusic-like patterns played by the piano and violins. It moves steady forward, alternated by parts where the instruments are whirling around and chasing each other. Dark Matter (Primal Pulse) was originally composed for the Relache Ensemble. It is the most introspective piece on this cd. But also in this composition there is often a strong pulse. The cd closes with Struck Twice by Lightning an exhausting battle between viola and tape. Again Brady delivers a cd with very appealing compositions by his hand, and played very convincingly and eagerly by the Topology crew. If Brady is new for you, start here.

If Brady is new for you, start here.