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Irwin Block, The Gazette, 20 janvier 2005

The legacy of Charles Mingus, the tempestuous bassist/leader who recorded powerful statements reflecting the American Condition in the 1950s and 1960s, has never been fully explored. Bassist Normand Guilbeault has captured seven pieces the admixture of joy and anger that is Mingus. Add to that one original by reedist Jean Derome to make up this live recording. Trumpeter Ivanhoe Jolicoeur and clarinetist Mathieu Bélanger join Jean Derome in some outstanding solos. Mingus fans will appreciate the passion in the 12-minute opener, Pithecanthropus Erectus, and the closer, Moanin’. In between are some lesser-known Mingus works. Guilbeault and drummer Claude Lavergne update Fables of Faubus with shouts in honour George Dubya, all in the anti-establish Mingus spirit. 4

… all in the anti-establish Mingus spirit.

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