Paul Serralheiro, La Scena Musicale, no 9:10, 1 juillet 2004

The improvised music scenes in Vancouver and Montréal are thriving, a fact well reflected in this new release, which showcases musicians active in both cities. What’s more, it has the added virtue of pairing two guitar and drum duo - the first being Bernard Falaise and Pierre Tanguay of Montréal, the second consisting of Ron Samworth and Dylan van der Schyff of Vancouver. For those who already know the work of these players, the “unexpected” of the title doesn’t quite ring true, since this kind of exploration of sound textures via acoustic instruments and electronics, in an aleatoric intermeshing of aural pastiches, is just what one would expect. From the percussive clatterings of the opening track Damn the Pique through the industrial buzzings and urban hullabaloo of Oh My, from the groove that is not a groove of Corned Oliphant to the lyricism in Cinq six boîtes de tomates vertes we get very eclectic aural experiences, as every means necessary is used to create the evolving interactions that make up all eight improvised cuts of this disc. The pièce de résistance Pink Crimson evolves through a wide range of moods over the 18 minutes it takes for these creative minds to have done with it, thus making it emblematic of what improvised music is all about. Rather than recreating, the musicians seek to invent, but to do so requires active listening on their part, and demands the same from the listener if he or she wishes to fully appreciate the rewarding musical gestures captured. No doubt about it - the music will keep lingering in your mind’s ear, a little longer at each listen.

the music will keep lingering in your mind’s ear, a little longer at each listen.