Jazz & Improv

Julian Cowley, The Wire, no 238, 1 décembre 2003

Canadian musician Jean Derome augments his usual saxophones and flutes with a suitcase packed with little acoustic instruments, modest resources, found, recycled or invented, including toys, mouth harps, tuning forks, whistles, pipes and hunting calls. He approaches this instrumental collection as an acoustic sampler enabling him to assemble short bursts of sounds mostly unsuitable for extended soloing but contributing effectively to this texturally varied, multicoloured patchwork. Derome also views the recording as a catalogue of sounds with which he improvises or composes, especially in his work with film, where channel-crossings between music and sound effects can occur regularly and meet with no resistance. For this release, three CDs of samples were made and played together in shuffe mode, producing one realisation among potentially innumerable.