Dolf Mulder, Vital, no 399, 26 novembre 2003

This ensemble has the following line-up: Pierre Labbé (tenor sax, flute), Nathalie Bonin (violin), Julie Trudeau (violoncelle), Bernard Falaise (electric guitar), Frédéric Alarie (contrebasse) and Claude Lavergne (drums). Leader Pierre Labbé may be known of that great record Tête à Queue by Papa Boa. A very dynamic brew of avant rock. Falaise was also part of this interesting group. He may also be known of his work Miriodor and Klaxon Gueule, etc. Multi-instrumentalist and composer Labbé is also involved in theatre and dance productions. Currently he works on a solo show of music tales for children, a.o. But let’s turn to the debut of his ensemble that plays some of his recent compostions. Like so many groups they search for a balance between improvisation and written music. And also like so many other groups they make their own blend of rock, jazz and composed music. In the case of the compositions of Labbé this does not mean that they are eclectic or superficial. All pieces form a organic whole, have a clear shape and make you forget stylistic boundaries. The playing is well-tempered, giving room to everybody. Solo’s are not never ending trips, but always short, modest and serving the whole. Arrangements are nice and transparant. Just a cd of warm and intelligent new music that deserves to be heard everywhere.

… warm and intelligent new music that deserves to be heard everywhere.