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Alan Freeman, Audion, no 47, 1 septembre 2002

Getting back in character with the early days of Ambiances Magnétiques (I’m meaning bands like Conventum, Wondeur Brass, Les Granules, et al) Interférence Sardines are certainly the “crazy group that makes serious music” that the press release proclaims, and then questions if it should be the other way round. As eccentric as the name, this 5-piece troupe (plus sundry guests) amalgamate an astonishing array of diverse musics into a blend that welds everything from Balkan folk to power metal together, sometimes seamlessly fusing it into entitely new genres. Such mixtures can be daunting on first listen, but that’s the whole idea with Rock In Opposition, maybe a calypso here, a death dirge there, top it with a freak-out Zappa meets Fred Frith and John Zorn. Why not- indded?!!

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