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Tom Schulte, Outsight, 17 mars 2002

Les Poules is a 1990 experiment in improvisation and electronic music by figures that later loom large out of the Montréal electroacoustic scene. The female trio is Joane Hétu (alto saxophone, synth and vocals), Diane Labrosse (synthesizers and voice) with Danielle Palardy Roger on percussion and synthesizers. Long out of print from the original LP issue until this CD, the album features abrasive sonic experiments like Les siamoises, Residents-like minimalist electro-pop (Chanson du pain) and synthesizer-fueled electronic free jazz around Hétu’s sax as on En criant su’l’perron. About half the pieces are instrumental and for those that contain lyrics, those words are provided in the French and translated into English.

… the album features abrasive sonic experiments, Residents-like minimalist electro-pop and synthesizer-fueled electronic free jazz…