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Jim Little, Hour, 1 juin 1996

L’Orkestre des pas perdus is a kind of alternative brass (and reeds) band led by trombonist Claude St-Jean, with Jean Sabourin (sousaphone), Ivanhoe Jolicoeur (trumpet and flugelhorn), Paul Richer (tenor sax), Jean-Denis Levasseur (alto sax and piccolo), and Remi Leclerc (drums). All the tunes are by St-Jean, mixing elements of New Orleans jazz, burlesque, musique actuelle, and humour. An example of the latst shows up on the back cover in the three squares that normally indicate whether the recording, mixing, and mastering were analogue (A) or digital (D). Here the code is OPP. Musical highlights include the truckin’ groove of Déménagement, and the olio furnishings of La salle des pas perdus. 3/5

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