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Mark Miller, The Globe and Mail, 31 juillet 1997

Georges Pérec was a French writer who held music particularly dear to his heart. (His preferences, coincidentally, included jazz and Mahler, or so it says in the insert notes. ) Jean Derome is a Québec composer and multi-instrumentalist with a knack for finding CD concepts just about anywhere—in this case, Pérec’s Je me souviens, a book-length list of 480 things cultural that made an indelible impression on the writer, 60 of them to do with music. Derome narrows those 60 to 26 And expands his Montréal sextet, Les Dangereux Zhoms, by seven players to perform them. The musicians seem to be having fun as they move expertly from jazz through rock to pop and back again, sometimes with a hint of zaniness or exaggeration. It’s all rather sligilt -none of the 26 tracks is longer than about 2 1/2 minutes— but it’s nonetheless a kick, and in its discipline and sharp focus a real contrast to Tu r’luttes, the indulgent improvisational game for 12 musicians that completes the CD.

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