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George Zahora, Splendid E-Zine, 11 janvier 1999

Compared to many other Ambiances Magnétiques releases, there’s a good deal more content on Mets ta langue that could fall under the mainstream definition of “music” — this is an ensemble (which counts Jean Derome, Diane Labrosse and Pierre Tanguay among its other members) that creates songs. It might also surprise listeners that rather than being, let’s say, complex aural meditations on the sonic interactions between certain rare gases that meet every few hundred years during odd phases of planetary orbits, the lyrics (they’re more poems, really, but who’s counting?) here are about love, sex and human interaction — they’re earthy and passionate, sometimes almost explicit, full of life and love and lust and human energy. Those of you who read enough French to realize that the title translates as “Put your tongue” might get some advance notice of this — otherwise, it’ll have to be a pleasant surprise. There’s still a lot of non-traditional soundplay — dischordant wind instruments, for instance, in the three movements of Beauté, an assortment of imitated animal sounds on Le travail des animaux, all manner of oddities on the exceptionally evocative Mes odeurs préférées — but likewise witness the more musical, thoroughly rousing Un bout de papier, which sounds like it was torn directly from a Brecht/Weill performance. After a few listens — especially when armed with the translated liner notes — you’ll not only appreciate Mets ta langue, but become increasingly immersed in the warmly human sensory aura it creates. In other words, this is a good recording to connect to.

… a good recording to connect to.

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