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Andrew Magilow, Splendid E-Zine, 28 février 2000

Stalwart Ambiances Magnétiques heavyweights Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay and René Lussier join forces with Patrice Desbiens and Guillaume Dostaler for a mind-altering spoken word experience that crosses musical and linguistic barriers. Desbiens’ verbal ruminations are in French, and since I’m not a native speaker my ears rely entirely on Desbiens‚ vocal inflections. These uttered words are like another type of music as they are chanted, shouted and smoothly rolled from Desbiens’ lips with cunning clarity. Equally as stirring are the musical backings from our other four players. Each performs two unique roles, functioning as both a subdued backer to Desbiens‚ phrasings and an explosive, expressive force that interjects its own form of aural stimulation through radical musical departures. Most notably, Derome’s saxophone blurts out several quick riffs of agitated notes on Sainte colère and his exceptional flute playing delicately drifts into the air on Expérience spirituelle cochonne sur un stabat mater de Vivaldi. Dostaler is equally amazing as he readily galvanizes a variety of bizarre synthesizer noises into rumbling, linear applications of expression on Après-midi chancelant and Un dernier bec. While confusing at first, each artist’s distinct style flushes out the best characteristics of the others — linking together an experiment of complex proportions that speaks wholesomely to your body through nontraditional means. Intellectually arousing as well as genuinely interesting, Desbiens and crew are here to shake things up. Are you ready for the ride?

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