Gary Flanagan, Nightwaves, no 6, 1 mai 2000

Here is the debut CD by Québécois conceptual outfit Klaxon Gueule. This is highly improvisational music that is very kinetic and freeform. There is no hint of melody or traditional song structures. It is very spikey, almost a sort of “warped jazz”. Included are two discs of Klaxon Gueule’s improvisational virtuosity. The first one is typically freeform anti-music, a hyperactive concoction of bass, guitar and drums. The second disc adds saxophonist Christopher Cauley and proves to be pretty much more of the same, with perhaps a little more bite to the guitars. Some of the tracks border on noise. Bavards is strictly for fans of all things improvised. If you like jazzy music with little or no structure, then this is for you.