Chris Blackford, Rubberneck, 28 mai 2001

In stark contrast, Tricotage is stylistically settled and explores in detail a single area of the improvising spectrum. A consummate piece of improvisation, Léandre and percussionist Roger show a level of awareness of each other that is enviable, interacting as they do in almost effortless dialogue. Each of the nine splendidly crafted pieces has a distinct identity but is connected by a unity of purpose and approach. The music is delicate, sometimes brittle but never flimsy, contrasting a range of restrained almost understated sounds with more positive gestures. Léandre’s arco playing can often be poignant, even heart-rending but she is equally capable of producing a smile on her listener’s face with playful and even throwaway gestures.

The music is delicate, sometimes brittle but never flimsy…