Factsheet 5, no 64, 6 juillet 1998

Led by percussionist Michel F Côté, Klaxon Gueule explores free jazz from a very global perspective. While they may be based in Montréal, the sound is definitely global, but doesn’t seem necessarily tied to the specific style of New York, Japan, or any other place. Two discs in this collection. The first features Michel, accompanied by Bernard Falaise on guitar and Alexandre St-Onge on bass. For the second disk, the saxophonist Chrislopher Cauley joins this trio. While free jazz is often sparse, the music is rich and full with textures and riffs that border on real melodies. At times it’s remind cent of New York’s ’80s group Massacre, but that’s only because the bass is so beavy and the percussion so complex. The second disk is softened by the addition of saxophone, creating a more textural, melodic experience.