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Frank Rubolino, Cadence, no 25:3, 1 mars 1999

Joane Hétu plays alto and sings on Mets ta langue (Ambiances magnétiques 62), an ambitious project combining multiple musical cultures. Her companions include Canadians Jean Derome (reeds, piano, small instruments, voice, and cassette manipulation), Diane Labrosse (sampler, accordion and voice), and Pierre Tanguay (drums and voice). The music has many dynamic highs of freely expressed instrumentation intermixed with vocal parts. The four create full-bodied sound at high volume levels that has punch and drive (Mets ta langue / L’eau du puits / Beauté / Le travail des animaux / Dans la joie l’amour / Un bout de papier / Mes odeurs preférées / Ben satisfaite / Ta maniere. 58:38). Multi-instrumentalist Derome is a powerful force on the recording, being reunited with Tanguay who propels furiously as the driver. Derome, a very talented and original artist, is a forceful blower when ignited, but he also shows a delicate and sensitive side here. The vocal segments, done principally in French with many sexual overtones, take on the fomm of operatic theater, being inserted in chant fomm that mixes smoothly into the oftenboisterous music. It is a pint effort, with everyone involved in the story telling while simultaneously generating the spirited instrumentation. Hétu also uses vocal utterances that blend into Labrosse’s accordion tones in unique fashion. The entire presentation from this talented foursome is a diverse approach to collective creativity of Jazz and theater.

… a diverse approach to collective creativity of Jazz and theater.

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