Alan Freeman, Audion, no 42, 1 mars 2000

As an addenda to the above, I originally passed on these discs to Nick Mott as I was getting deluged with too many items to review, though I did review one of them, which you may find of interest in the way of comparison…

The unlikely duo of Pierre Tanguay (drums, percussion, objects) and Tom Walsh (trombone, sampling) aptly make an unlikely music. And, I mean unlikely. Believe me, this often runs close to lancu Dumitrescu in its textures and sonic counterpoints. Though the trombone takes the music elsewhere on occasions, and I can picture Conrad Bauer together with the Deep Listening Band. It’s almost as though Jon Hassell makes a guest appearance elsewhere. Despite any of those comparisons, however, this a diverse album indeed, sometimes dark and flowing music, and often challenging in its execution.

Six months on I think we’ve now got a dozen more unheard discs from the label. Busy people aren’t they?! I wonder if we’ll be able to catch up?