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Rubberneck, no 28, 1 février 1998

The abstract guitarism of René Lussier proves a better foil to Tétreault’s repertoire of textured sounds. In fact Lussier often gets a long way from the “musical" in the course of the collaboration. He plays both acoustic and electric guitars and is particularly impressive exploiting the tonal range of the former. His suggestive harmonics and strangulated lines bring a desicated Iyricism to bear on work which is always pushing in the direction of noise. Tétreault uses a broader set of sounds than on the Callas album, coming across at times like a kind of lo-fi real-time sampler. There’s a terrific scratchiness to the noises the two make even when they rub each other up the wrong way it feels right.

… even when they rub each other the wrong way it feels right.

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