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Dolf Mulder, Vital, no 220, 7 avril 2000

Three new releases from the Ambiances magnétiques collective in Montréal, Canada. Klaxon Gueule is a trio: Michel F Côté (drums), Bernard Falaise (electric guitar) and Alexandre St-Onge (bass). Considering the line-up, Muets is not exactly what you expect to hear. The enclosed information characterizes this trio as an “electroacustic chamber ensemble”. That may put you in the right direction. The music is very abstract and introvert: no melody, rhythm, no traditional playing on guitar, bass and drums. To make a comparison, this trio operates in the same territory as the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet. They use conventional instruments, but they do not to play them in a traditional way within some rock or jazz format. They play a new kind of music that is inspired on the improvisations of AMM, where noise, texture and exploration of sound are what counts. Very interesting.

Very interesting.

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