Tom Schulte, Slug, 15 octobre 1999

Papa Boa explores the art of noise, and speaks French while doing it. This art-punk free jazz arises from group improvisation later torn about and reassembled into a Frankenstein audio collage. Tête à queue juggernauts about like an unruly creation. Rock- and R&B-like rhythms emerge in the sometimes-harsh finished product. Making up the group is guitarist Bernard Falaise (Farniente Salon, Miriodor), percussionist and wacky brass band drummer Remi Leclerc (l’Orkestre des pas perdus, Miriodor), bassist and keyboardist Frederic Roverselli and Pierre Labbé on saxes, flutes and didgeridoo. Numerous guests form the Montréal musique-actuelle scene help out. Salient in these collaborations is the dulcet voices of actress-singers Marie-Hélène Montpetit and Marie-Jo Thério singing in French. The juxtapositions of these mellifluous tones in that beautiful language against the alternating rhythmic or abrasive constructions pull it together. (4 out of 5)

Tête à queue bounces about like an unruly creation.