Andrew Magilow, Splendid E-Zine, 19 octobre 1998

Another entertaining adventure from a fine collective of Canadian musicians who are obvious admirers of the American jazz scene. With the brazen rhythm of the trombone and the tooting of accompanying saxophones, Acetaminophene has the resiliency of the American Big Band jazz sound, yet proves to be exceptionally well versed in modern jazz techniques and sounds as well. Bopping, shuffling and improvising are all parts of the whole with Route 20 as a rhythmically tight groove dissolves into a noisy multi-horn solo ensemble, and then tightens back into shape as quickly as a cracked whip. Unlike the majority of DAME releases, L’Orkestre avoids aggressive, experimental noise and instead opts for discriminating jazz passages that are familiar enough to please the young jazz fan, yet entice the seasoned listener as well, with complex structures and well played solos. However, as soon as L’Orkestre appears to have played all of their musical cards, they ease into Bricolage, in which flute and trumpet produce an ethereal and eerie feeling of Third Stream and 70s Miles Davis. Perhaps it’s a genre identity crisis? Nonetheless, this amalgamation of styles and ideas proves to be favorably entertaining, stylistically spicy and remarkably well rounded — a treat for any jazz fan.

Another entertaining adventure… a treat for any jazz fan