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Andrew Magilow, Splendid E-Zine, 24 août 1998

A daringly bold approach to flaunting the creative process, René Lussier and Pierre Tanguay authenticate their experimental prowess in a work that combines alarming moods with soothing aesthetics. With only an acoustic guitar and sparse percussive accentuation, this improvisational duo causes a racket without ever becoming obtusely noisy. Le temps d’une cigarette illustrates the duo’s formula most accurately as a creeping guitar, punctuated with occasional harmonics, vies with the sparse free-jazz accompaniment of Tanguay’s superb drumming for the listener’s primary attention. Tête de cochon is perhaps the most cacophonous of the bunch, beginning with a tyrannical tirade of swooping acoustic guitar runs and equally imposing rhythmic engagements that roll out of the speakers with ample, bruising fortitude. An experimental album that relies primarily on the techniques of its composers and the ability of the listener to absorb these sounds, La vie qui bat incorporates the methodology of intelligent arrangements with thoughtful accompaniment to demonstrate its point. Lussier and Tanguay combine traditional instruments with a magnificent sense of musical restraint to exhibit experimental eminence, creating one of the most mentally stimulating discs in recent memory.

… one of the most mentally stimulating discs in recent memory

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