Dolf Mulder, Vital, no 168, 4 avril 1999

Michel Ratté may not be very well known outside of Canada, but Lussier and Tétreault sure are. Lussier played with Duck & Cover, Les Quatre Guitaristes de L’Apocalypso Bar, Fred Frith Guitar Quartet, Heiner Goebbels, etc. It strikes me that Lussier plays also in many duo combinations: Fred Frith, Jean Derome, Robert Lepage and some others from the French-Canadian scene. He seems to have a preference for improvisation as a duo: it takes two to improvise? Here Lussier plays with Martin Tétreault. Tétreault is a French Canadian from Montréal who plays and performs with turntables and related objects. He was in fine arts in the past. One day he started working with records instead of cutting up paper, and so it all began. Later — around 1989 — he participated in the Broken Music Exhibition with Christian Marclay and played with many musicians inside and outside of Canada. On the present CD, it is not only quoting from records what we hear, using them as sound source and giving the listener experiences of recognition. The record and the turntable are also used as such, as objects with their own possibilities, apart from the music that is on the record. Here the sound is very abstract (abstracted from what are traditional sound sources to our ears). Lussier can be heard on acoustic and electric guitars. The music is very exciting, radical sound improvisation.

The music is very exciting, radical sound improvisation.