Ireneusz Socha

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Musician, music reviewer, translator. Musically active since the mid-Eighties. The mastermind behind Kirkut-Koncept (1986-90) a group performing original compositions bordering on rock song, cabaret, ethnic music and experimental. Took part in many other avant-garde Polish groups of the Eighties such as Przestrzenie (art songs, music theatre), Na Przyklad (group improvisation) and Hiena (postindustrial). In the Nineties, started cooperation with pianist Piotr Czerny [Microaudioplays (CD) Soror Mystica 1998] and began a solo career by self-releasing a series of home-burned CDR’s such as With/Without (featuring Barbara Socha, Joane Hétu, Marek Choloniewski and Boleslaw Blaszczyk), KITS (with Tomasz Krakowiak) and Najduchy — Porzadek: Chaos (with the famous Polish poet Jacek Podsiadlo). Writes music reviews for Studium a Krakow-based art and literature bi-monthly as well as for the music service. Translated into Polish Chris Cutler’s File Under Popular (“O muzyce popularnej”) [Wydawnictwo Zielona Sowa 1999]. His latest CD, entitled Sztetlach, brings music commissioned from some of the best young Polish musicians, to name Jaroslaw Bester of The Cracow Klezmer Band and Wojt3k Kucharczyk of the Mik.Musik.!. label, in an unorthodox and an unusually varied homage to one of the great forgotten Polish composers Szymon Laks (1901-83).

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Ireneusz Socha

Dębica (Pologne), 1964

Résidence: Dębica (Pologne)

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