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Lina Allemano

Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Résidence: Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

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Barnyard Records / BR 0316 / 2010


Effendi Records / FND 109 / 2011
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They Don’t Take Requests

Mike Chamberlain, Hour, 12 juin 2008

Montréal’s OFF Festival de Jazz offers welcome respite for players like Lina Allemano

“I’m booking this tour, and one presenter wanted to know what percentage of originals we play. We play all originals! ‘And is there a singer?’ And I’m like, ‘Oh man…’” Lina Allemano’s voice trails off. “It’s nice to find people at the OFF Festival who actually want to hear original music, something that’s different than the usual thing. Thank God.”

The Toronto-based trumpeter’s sentiment expresses exactly why the OFF Festival de Jazz, now (amazingly) in its ninth edition, is important to jazz musicians and fans in this city, with its stated mandate to present original music by local musicians in settings most conducive to getting the music across.

The 34-year-old Allemano, born in Edmonton, is the type of musician who all too often falls under the radar because of our national inferiority complex. But her quartet, who play the beautiful and venerable Lion d’Or on June 16, make music that is every bit as interesting and unpredictable in its risk-taking as most of what comes out of the States. Besides that, she has received the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval from Downbeat as a talent to watch.

But she’s just one of the talents to watch at this year’s OFF, running from June 13 to 21 at the Saint-Ciboire, Lion d’Or, Dièse Onze and Sala Rossa. Among these are Swedish accordionist Lars Hollmer with Fanfare Pourpour, who kick off the festival tomorrow evening, bassist Miles Perkin’s shining project Common Thread (June 17, Lion d’Or), a rare presentation of Normand Guilbeault’s Riel (June 21, Lion d’Or), the debut of pianist Marianne Trudel’s Septet (June 21, Lion d’Or), and performances by Erik Hove’s Soundclash, the Alexander Bellegarde Quartet, the Isaiah Ceccarelli Sextet, Jean Martin’s Barnyard Drama and more in a 32-concert lineup that is long on variety and originality.

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