The Loft Concert

Thomas Lehn, Ute Wassermann, Phil Minton, Martin Blume

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Phil Minton’s sonorous voice is capable of producing disturbing sound collages, whereas Ute Wassermann’s polyphonic technique makes the room resonate with harmonics. Coupled with Blume’s finely nuanced percussive work and Thomas Lehn’s extraordinary analogue synthesizer sounds, a physical immediacy of rare intensity is achieved. Speak Easy is an organism rather than an ensemble, grown out of high musical competence and full of creative energy.” — Hannes Schneider

DVD-R-Vidéo (PANDVD 02P)

  • Étiquette: PanRec
  • PANDVD 02P
  • 2008
  • Durée totale: 74:00
  • 193 mm × 135 mm × 8 mm
  • 85 g

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