Subtle Lip Can

Subtle Lip Can

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Subtle Lip Can was formed on a cold Tuesday night during ‘Mardi Spaghetti’, a Montréal improvisational music series at the venue Le Cagibi. The music created by these three comrades felt so fresh, new and natural that they decided on the spot to continue playing together. The trio consists of Isaiah Ceccarelli (percussion), Bernard Falaise (electric guitar) and Josh Zubot (violin). All three are active members of Montréal’s fervent improvisational community. The textures they create are unique, rich and cover a wide dynamic scope, from contemplative soundscapes to frantic climaxes. This is their first album as a trio and was made live in Frédéric Boudreault’s studio on Avenue Papineau.

CD (DA 00646)

  • Étiquette: Drip Audio
  • DA 00646
  • 2010
  • UCC 875531006469
  • Durée totale: 43:10
  • Digipak
  • 126 mm × 141 mm × 6 mm
  • 55 g

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