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Au cœur du litige François Houle

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Au cœur du litige is a radiophonic work consisting at its core of a series of solo clarinet improvisations. Subsequently stripped of their innocence and simplicity through digital manipulations these solos become a dense web within which there is a multiplicity of threads to explore. The project, inspired by the ice storm that ravaged large parts of Quebec and Ontario, makes use of an innovative live interactive electroacoustic set-up inspired by current works in the field of audio research. Technically speaking, the work aims to free the instrumentalist from the electroacoustic domain’s usual constraints, and to generate a sound world more akin to improvisation-based environment, in which the performer plays a decision making role.

  • Spool Music
  • SPF 302 / 2000
  • UPC/EAN 778224112921
  • Durée totale: 116:58

Au cœur du litige

François Houle

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