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SAP(e) SAP(e)

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SAP(e) is a minimal improvised music trio based in Montpellier (France) and working since 2001. Its members come from different musical backgrounds, such as Post Rock, Jazz, Electronic and Acousmatic music. Together, they are creating a common language based on an extreme care towards the listening experience and the restriction of material. Sonic landscapes shaped in radicality throught precise dynamics and events are leading the listeners to a distant and precarious dream where a melodic dimension is not forgotten. A quartet at first, SAP(e) has quickly turned into a trio format with the goal of increasing and rendering more efficient his minimal willingness. The band has allways took care in documenting his work, even if the recording process in the case of improvised music may seem a bit frustrating or incomplete. Their second release was recorded live at Le Baloard (Montpellier) in June 2006.



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