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Frans de Waard, Vital, no. 384, August 13, 2003

Two more releases on No Type, the label with some slight connections to empreintes DIGITALes. Upon until now most of the releases were rhythm based, the one by A_dontigny and Diane Labrosse is more along the lines of improvised, electronic music - dare I say, more along the lines of labels like Grob and Erstwhile? Of course, in matters like this, this is a live recording, of a year ago in the neat place of La Casa Del Popolo. It’s hard to guess what goes into the computer and sampler, source-wise I mean, but it’s all closely linked together. A broading atmosphere, sizzing drones open up here and only half way the more typical laptop sounds come alive, those that sound like tweaking sounds through max/msp programs. The two stay together throughout the entire disc, finding sounds that are alike, but each works on their own level. They work with a sound palette that is quite supplementary to each other. In the final track média tactique, they even offer a very slow dub piece that drowns in the use of the extra sounds. It’s good, sturdy improvised electronic music, with not much news under the sun, alas.

It’s good, sturdy improvised electronic music…

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