Flavour of the Month

Sin Baldi, Earshot, May 1, 2003

No Type records is a Montréal based record label that puts out on-line mp3, proper CD & vinyl recordings of some of the most outside music emanating from the fringes of Montréal & around the world. The label was founded in Quebec City in October of 1998 by David Turgeon, but the label relocated to Montréal 3 months later & has been there ever since. No Type has established itself as an important outlet for the bourgeoning Montréal free improv music scène releasing music often ignored by most in the music industry.

The label was started because, as Turgeon describes, “we had music to release & no money to make CD’s with” & when pressed to divulge what exactly the label’s vision & mission are, Turgeon notes, “when I try to define it I always fail… I like things that are strange, fun, exciting, damning or preferably all of the above.” In its relatively short existence No Type has earned a reputation for being a beautiful disaster of many “different” styles of music created by artists from all over the map of today’s contemporary music. “I don’t think it makes sense to restrain ourselves to one style,” Turgeon explains, “& besides, the label has always been about not really caring about the musical genre, so long as the music sounds good…”

No Type came into existence at an opportune moment in time & they’ve managed to capitalize on the increased popularity & availability of the mp3 format. But rather than devise a way to exploit the technology for immediate gain, No Type has opted to employ the “online-format” as a means to expose creative musicians whose undeniable talent & originality No Type has been among the first to acknowledge.

No Type’s web site hosts over 70 on-line releases (free with no strings attached) from such now-notables as Napalm Jazz, Books on Tape, Octopus Inc., Dick Richards, morceaux_de_machines, Philémon, GIJoe Killaz & the list goes on & on & on. And the onslaught of No Type releases shows no signs of stopping anytime soon with mp3 & traditional media releases by Coin Gutter, N.Kra, Click Tracy, Claudia Bonarelli & Headphone Science scheduled for release in 2003!

No Type’s biggest success to date has been the recent release of the landmark Montréal Freeimprov 4CD box set. This impressive document featuring the best of the Montréal Free improv scene has been in the making for a long time & this release offers a persistent snapshot of what it must be like spending time in many of the city of sin’s finer free improv venues with beer in hand. The set contains 4 different CD’s of spontaneous constructions by 4 different groups: (1) Po - “provocative operations", (2) ’Gypt Gore, (3) Chris Burns, Nicolas Caloia, John Heward Trio - “presence" & (4) Balai Mécanique. The set is compiled in some pretty impressive packaging with original artwork by some of the performers & liner notes by Mathieu Bélanger. This box set is a gotta have for any fan of the Canadian Free improv landscape.

Visit the web site at for all the details & all the downloads. This site requires a couple of hits because there’s just so much to see, & hear & figure out.

… some of the most outside music emanating from the fringes of Montréal & around the world.