Ambiant sounds

Marc Chénard, La Scena Musicale, no. 20:5, February 1, 2015

Listening to Monk’s music is like meeting an old friend. Once deemed strange, his pieces now sound so familiar to our ears. And when three pals like Jean Derome (alto and baritone saxes), Pierre Cartier (el. bass) and Pierre Tanguay (drs) tackle them, it can only be a happy reunion. Named after a Monk piece, the group finally brings out its long awaited follow up album, some 14 years after its second one. Among the 10 nuggets culled on this hour-long side, the trio has dug deep into the book and unearthed two obscure items, Two Timer (never committed to wax by its composer) and the twice recorded Dreamland (attributed to him, as per the pianist’s authoritative biography by Robin Kelly). Conjectures aside, no one here can question the authenticity of these interpretations, because the musicians play it according to the maestro’s own prescription: “Don’t play on the changes, but on the melodies!

… no one here can question the authenticity of these interpretations…