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Dolf Mulder, Vital, no. 944, August 11, 2014

Et/Ou is a collaboration of Martin Tétreault and Michael Langevin. They started in 2007 and released a first album in 2013: En orbite and so En chute libre is their second statement. Tétreault needs no introduction here. He is a longtime avant garde composer and player with the turntable as his main instrument. Langevin has a history as a drummer in the heavy metal band Voivoid. Also he was and still is engaged in numerous experimental outfits and projects. In most pieces ont his album Langevin drums with a pulse or beat. The patterns sound rather simple and not very demanding. Repetition is an important characteristic like in Duo02. They are completed by noisy textures produced by Tétreault. Their music surely arises from dialogical interplay between the two. The ingredients both players supply, do not lead in each piece to something that arises above the combination of both ingredients. The sound constellations by Tétreault offer far more depth and complexity and make a contrast with the rather straight drumming. So let us say, it is an unusual work and for that reason an interesting one. Maybe I miss the point here, but their improvisations didn’t inspire me.

… it is an unusual work and for that reason an interesting one.

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