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Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, January 25, 2013

I’ve caught this ensemble live on several occasions and have always dug them since they have figured out a way to improvise based on certain internal directions. For this disc, five of the nine members have contributed pieces. The opening piece, Tétreault’s Malgre tout Face A, begins with a moderate-paced repeating rock beat with a variety of sounds interspersed. Snippets of spoken word French, turntable samples and strings are woven together. SM has layers of record or radio static (synth?) and strings being selectively manipulated into a mesmerizing swirl of colors. Occasionally a disembodied voice will float through, half sung, half spoken but haunting nonetheless. These pieces don’t sound written although they do sound as if someone is directing since the changes in direction are so tight. What some of this reminds me of is a Zorn game piece from way back when (the eighties) although it is just as focused, it is not as quick cutting. Fascinating either way you look or listen to it.

Fascinating either way you look or listen to it

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