Listening Diary

François Couture, Monsieur Délire, February 12, 2010

Speaking of experimental vocalists, here is Joane Hétu and her inseparable partner (in music and life) Jean Derome, with a new CD by their duo Nous perçons les oreilles – the last one goes back to… wait a minute… [seeps through his music library]… 2002!?! Well, it was about time! On the surfce, Shaman is closer to their first (eponymous) album than to La vie, c’est simple – in other words, no songs this time around, only short improvisations (twelve of them, between one and six minutes in duration). Listening deeper though, Shaman is JUST AS different from the first two records as La vie, c’est simple was different from the first record, which goes to show how the duo keeps on evolving with time. The music is serious, intense (which doesn’t mean “noisy”), noisy (I know, I know, but “noisy” as in noise-based, not as in “a loud racket”), emotional, and atavistic since it arches back to a ritualistic yet a-rhythmic and a-melodic form of expression. Very impressive on first listen, and I’m looking forward to listen to it more attentively soon.

Very impressive on first listen…