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Where’d All My Friends Go?, January 16, 2010

Klaxon Gueule (translated, “Horn Scream”) is a Montréal group featuring three top tier players of the improv arena, Michel F Côté (percussion), Bernard Falaise (guitar), and Alexandre St-Onge (bass), who put aside very successful careers (solo and otherwise) every few years for a Klaxon Gueule release — some of the strongest records in the Ambiances Magnétiques catalog. Following an exciting 1997 debut (Bavards) the group shifted away from energetic free-improvisation to a tense electro-acoustic style of ominous improvisation characterized by the use of heavily manipulated instrumentation. Klaxon Gueule, armed with instruments almost entirely non-manipulated, make a bit of a return to its previous inclinations with Infininiment, inviting in a reeds section, including Jean Derome, Gordon Allen, and Philippe Lauzier, to back them. The thirteen tracks presented here are less energetic than the group was back in 1997, but this disc is probably better realized than was Bavards. The music here moves fluidly over very uneven terrain at speeds necessitated by the territory, squirming over, around and, at times, even through the particular landscape. Derome, Allen, and Lauzier enter the mix sparingly, reacting in accord with the core trio to fill in sparse areas here and there. A stimulating exercise in free-improvisation.

A stimulating exercise in free-improvisation.

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