Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery, October 30, 2009

Ignaz Schick is a Berlin-based musician who runs the Zangi label and is a member of the International Turntable Orchestra, along with Martin Tétreault, Philip Jeck & Dieb 13. Mr. Tétreault has been playing turntables with & without records for many years and can be heard on more than 25 discs. Tétreault was one of the first turntablists to abandon records and just play & manipulate the turntable itself. Besides being a strong improviser, Mr. Tétreault is a concept man as many of his discs can attest to. Sometimes his concepts are successful and sometimes not so. This disc appears to be a live duo with two master turntable manipulators. It often sounds as if there are few if any records involved. What we hear are clicks, static, rubbed styles and assorted turntable and tone-arm manipulations. Ping pong balls? balloons? What exactly is going on? Only these turntablists know for sure. The results are more diverse and often fascinating than one might imagine. Much of this is similar to electronic music but more stark. Each sound seems to works and fits well into in its own place. Like listening to a bunch of machines whizzing and whirring by the themselves, yet there is a concept or direction. Pretty engaging, nonetheless.

Pretty engaging