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Bruce Carnevale, Coda Magazine, no. 333, May 1, 2007

The Dutch violist Ig Henneman […] runs the Dutch WIG label along with her partner, reedman Ab Baars. Her music straddles a realm between contemporary classical string music and free improvisation: never bereft of humor, her music remains nonetheless restrained, but it also doesn’t shy from extended techniques. In 2002 she joined the Canadian improvising duo Queen Mab: Lori Freedman on bass clarinet, clarinet and Marilyn Lerner on piano. Here the trio plays a program loosely based on the Queen Mab Scherzo by Hector Berlioz. Thin Air, the title track and only piece attributed to all three, begins with Freedman and Henneman sparsely duoing, Henneman edgily scratching her strings; Lerner enters with a prepared-piano sound. Indeed, here and elsewhere, the music sounds chamber trio-esque, with the third piece by Henneman, Drums and Trumpets, containing brief, almost fragile themes repeated theatrically between Freedman’s wail, Henneman later providing a minimalist basso continuo background for Freedman. Henneman’s background accelerates and changes into something Erik Satie could have written. Characteristic of the entire CD, Drums and Trumpets transforms itself with a fragile air.

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