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Dolf Mulder, Vital, no. 557, December 20, 2006

Freedman is an internationally acclaimed performer who works in many contexts and disciplines: composed and improvised music, electroacoustic music. Collaborations in the field of dance, theatre and so on are many. And many composers wrote works for her as a performer. Her own work is available on numerous cds. Concentrating on Ambiances Magnétiques, this label released a solo album by her some 4 years ago: À un moment donné. Now it’s time for a CD with three different trios by Lori Freedman. During three consecutive nights Freedman played with with three different trios. Why trios? For Freedman this is the ideal format for improvising music. The cds opens with five pieces with René Lussier (guitars), Martin Tétreault (turntables). Followed by 4 pieces with Nicolas Caloia (doublebass) and Danielle Palardy Roger (percussion). To close with 4 improvisations with Jean Derome (saxophone, little objects) and Rainer Wiens (prepared guitar, percussion). In all three trios Lori Freedman plays clarinets. Recordings were made live. Afterwards followed some editing and mixing in the studio with the help of Michel F Côté. What is a clear from the first moment is that Freedman is a very gifted player with a great personal voice. Her playing is very “soulful” and goes straight to the heart. Deeply human and spirited musician. Together with her companions, they create some very enjoyable improvised music. A great CD.

Her playing is very “soulful” and goes straight to the heart.

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