François Couture, AllMusic, December 1, 2006

3 is the number of lineups featured on this album and the number of musicians in each lineup. In June 2005, Lori Freedman played three gigs at the Va-et-vient in Montréal, on three consecutive nights, each night featuring a different trio. All three shows are represented here in the form of short pieces (between one and six minutes) that are probably excerpted from longer improvisations but never sound like so. The first five tracks feature Freedman in the company of guitarist René Lussier and turntablist Martin Tétreault - a treat, as these two have not been heard together on record in a long time. The trio grinds and grits, looking for beauty in the tiniest, bumpiest noises, and occasionally succeeding. The second lineup features Rainer Wiens on prepared guitar and Jean Derome on saxophone (one track) and small objects - birdcalls, toys, etc. Fun interplay develops between Freedman and Derome in Chrysalis; Poussière de lune is dominated by Wiens’ textural drones. The final trio puts Freedman together with bassist Nicolas Caloia and percussionist Danielle Palardy Roger. After the two previous noise-driven sets, this trio sounds slightly more conventional, engaging in eventful yet highly controlled free improvisation. The Light of Night and Tigresse are highlights and this third set as a whole is a better showcase for Freedman’s unique clarinet circumvolutions. If one of these trios should record a full-length album, number 3 is it.