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Kevin Hainey, Exclaim!, April 4, 2006

Foodsoon are an adventurously imaginative trio from Montréal who mix all kinds of leftfield influences (agro post-punk, electro-acoustic buzz, Krautrock rhythmic propellants, and even the occasional well-placed break beat) into an unpredictable, shape-shifting musical entity that is excitingly unique and original. For possible context, you could place Foodsoon alongside such modern Montréal sound explorers as morceaux_de_machines, Et Sans and Klaxon Gueule (who share guitarist Bernard Falaise), but really this stuff challenges and attempts to defy categorisation quite effectively. Most of the 18 tracks on Some Love, Foodsoon’s debut for the recently created Montréal indie label &records, jam-pack their ideas into audio slices mostly clocking in under the four-minute mark, which makes for a fast-paced (but not rushed) ride. strike four, for instance, begins as a seemingly random meeting between disjointed electro-acoustic bleeps and squealing radio-wave frequencies before a distant drum sample slowly lies in behind it. The song soon erupts into a post-punk rhythmic fury that travels headlong into the crushing sub-prog groove of nu. Some Love introduces Foodsoon as determined innovators, a trio hell-bent on crushing ideas of musical norms and standardised forms. The results they come up with are nothing short of stunning.

The results they come up with are nothing short of stunning.

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