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Nilan Perera, Exclaim!, November 7, 2005

M. Côté has a dedication in this release that is directed to Fabrizio Gilardino, describing it as a “spaghetti western.” Well, upon listening to this movie for the ears, and in between bouts of laughter, I have concluded that it is actually a poutine western. Anybody who doubts that Quebec has a distinct culture had better listen to this CD and come to their senses. This take on American culture could not have come from anywhere else. Côté has assembled a work that staggers between electro-acoustic atmospherics, cowboy songs, jazz moments and old roots/jazz record samples. Songs dissolve like amnesiac drunks drifting into space or the strangest’shroom fuelled channel surfing that you’ve ever done; it definitely has a Tom Waits/Eugene Chadbourne jump cut feel to it, but is totally in its own wacky little world. The only criticism I can muster is that I find it a bit guitar heavy; a wider diversity of instrumentation or a greater use of samples and musique concrete by Côté would have been more to my liking. But hey, this is one inspired movie that I would recommend to all. Maybe poutine instead of popcorn, though.

… I have concluded that it is actually a poutine western.

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