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Noah Wane, Splendid E-Zine, October 18, 1999

With Réflexions, Montréal-based, classical guitarist André Duchesne presents tender solo musings. As the album title indicates, Duschene’s music is both reflective and deeply personal. It seems to speak of days gone by, of loves lost and so forth. The track titles are about all that’s given in terms of concrete commentary on the music. They are in French, of course, but here are a few translated: An Afternoon in Paris, Friday Evening in Andalusia and Straight Fingers, Soft Fingers. Réflexions is wonderfully evocative and communicative stuff. It leaves me in a decidedly more melancholy state after hearing it. I applaud monsieur Duchesne for his sensitive musical soliloquies.

Réflexions is wonderfully evocative and communicative stuff.

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