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FIMAV 2004

Kurt Gottschalk, Coda Magazine, no. 296, September 1, 2004

New York isn’t jazz’s only home, of course, and Victo presented a strong selection of players (with perhaps a Franco bias) from Canada, Belgium and France. The festival has long had a close relationship with Montréal’s Ambiances Magnetiques, and this year presented guitarist André Duchesne, trombonist Tom Walsh and reed player Lori Freedman in separate sets. Duchesne created interesting but repetitive overlays for a rock trio and string quartet. Held steady by drummer Pierre Tanguay, the strings playing simple lines against Patrick Hamilton’s funky electric bass pops and Duchesne’s dirty, proficient leads. Despite some strange bits of sampling, Tom Walsh’s double trio (double grutars, basses, drums and his horn, introduced as the “rock side" and the “jazz side") was solid, thoughtful and fun. They worked themes precisely then lazily, quartering and referencing them, eventually to a fault. The trios rarely played against each other, although the potential was there, and while Walsh was slow to blow, when he did he complemented the tight ensemble…

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