Tiina Kiik, The WholeNote, no. 9:10, July 1, 2004

With the hot and hazy weather upon us, here are four recent releases from Ambiances Magnétiques to help you savour that great Canadian pastime called summer.

10 compositions from Trio Derome Guilbeault Tanguay is just that: ten compositions by band member Jean Derome dating from 1974 to present. The release finds this “cult Montréal jazz band” in excellent form, proving yet again that when musicians get together to play for fun and continue to do so on a regular basis for a number of years, the music ages like fine wine. The most musically accessible of the four releases reviewed here, there is no doubt that this is clearly a jazz disc with both its compositional and performance roots clearly entrenched in the music of Dave Holland, Ornette Coleman and Thelonius Monk. There is an underlying charm which permeates throughout regardless whether the cut is straight ahead jazz like Michka or the more free qualities of Fluide. Highly recommended.

Highly recommended.