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Dolf Mulder, Vital, no. 399, November 26, 2003

With this compilation Ambiances Magnétiques presents 20 new groups and artists. Artists that have no album out yet. And listening to this cd not all of them are ready for that, I think. All 20 groups present themselves with one track. Information on all these musicians is included in english and french. All groups involved have in common that they play some kind of ‘new music’. The spectrum is broad. But I won’t go here into each track. So let me at least mention all the groups and musicians that are covered here: In Vitro, Concorde Crash, The Fighting Koalas, Dickie’s Nodan Levesky, Pascal Desjardins & Frédéric Léonard, Mélanie Auclair, Face dans I’dash, Torngat, Kareya, Malarafe, Cléo Palacio-Quintin & Pascal Boudreault, Jocelyn “Doctor” Tellier, Copromélomanie, James Schidlowsky, Hiatus, Tutu Combo, André Marceau, L’Hexacorde, Bobok, Arborisationterminale. It’s no coincidence that the cd opens with a track by In Vitro, certainly one of the most interesting groups presented here. It’s a project started by Colin Gagné and Lévy Bourbonnais that impresses because of the strange and original structure of the piece, moving between improv and structure, acustic and electro. The Fighting Koalas also make a hybrid of acustic and electronic music, but in a more conventional musical form. Dickie’s Nodan Levesky is a quartet of two acoustic guitars, percussion and electric bass. An instrumental kind of rock chamber music that brings back memories of early Conventum. Also l’Hexacorde offers an interesting piece of rock chamber music that you don’t expect these days. Face dans l’dash offers a very noisy and radical excursion. Just like Arborisationterminale Torngat shows the groovy and funky side of Quebec, but fail to convince. Malarafe comes most close to jazz music, with a pianist playing in a style that you either hate or like. But alle of them are capable musicians I must say. For me it are the musicians that experiment with electronic and acustic sound within unusual structures that make this cd worthwhile, like the duo Cléo Palacio-Quintin and Pascal Boudreault. The compilation makes evident that Ambiances Magnétiques does not have to worry about the future. This compilation leaves no doubt that are many interesting things going on there. It should appeal to all of you that interested in the new music scene of Quebec.

This compilation leaves no doubt that are many interesting things going on there.

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